I loved my Cherry Coke!

So, tonight, me and the wife went to see Avatar in 3D for a much needed date night. The movie was amazing, one of the top i've ever seen, but that's not why i'm writing this blog.

Before we went in to the movie, we each got drinks. I a Mr. Pibb, Rikki a Cherry Coke. I put them on a tray which we took into the theater with us. Somehow, the two got switched when we sat down...i noticed when i took a sip and it was a lot sweeter then i had expected. I then wished i had gotten Cherry Coke, it hit the spot very well. I looked over, and Rikki seemed to be enjoying the pibb, so i left it alone.

On the drive home, we were talking about how awesome the movie was, then Rikki says, "...and man, i really enjoyed my Cherry Coke!" I busted up laughing, not only that she hadn't noticed that the drinks were switched, but had enjoyed it so much. When i told her what had happened, she got upset at me for not telling her right away, but neither of us could stop laughing for a few minutes.

This doesn't seem as funny as i type it, but it was hilarious. Let me know if it's funny or not.


meghan said...

Actually, that is kind of funny! Rikki must not drink cherry coke a lot or Mr. Pibb to notice the difference lol. Oh, and Avatar was amazing!!

Lane and Nicki said...

Loved the story Taylor. In fact, I'm laughing still as I write this!

Rebecca and Baby Taylor said...

that sounds so awsome. I hope that everyone enjoyed the movie more than the soda. Though, that must've been some good tasting soda for Rikki not to notice. I prefer Dr. Pepper myself.

Carrie said...

They taste about the same anyway right? Pretty funny.

Chaotic Neutral said...

So you intentionally deceived dear Cheese so you could steal her cherry Pepsi. And why did you go to Avatar? It's like Pocahontas with blue people!