Here I go again...

So Taylor keeps getting on me how I was the one that set this whole blog up, but never update it. So here I am. (Take that Honey!!!)
Life has been quite interesting the past few months. Still adjusting and learning about one another. Still realizing that there's a "We" and not a "Me". Still trying to wrap my head around being married in general. Just celebrated 5 months. WOW! But we're good and enjoying life together.
Taylor is finishing up yet another semester at BYU and can't wait till it's done. We're both very anxious to go to New York for the summer. I think I'm more anxious than he is, mostly because he likes Utah while I believe that Utah is...well I won't tell you what I believe it is, just that it's not good. Don't get me wrong, the state itself is lovely. I'm just not one for it's residents. I'm not a huge fan of over-bearing and incredibly close minded. But again...I'm adjusting. I think that it's because I'm out of my comfort zone here. I know hardly anyone, and the people I do meet I have NOTHING in common with. I just miss my friends and family back home.
I've been looking into changing my major. Entertainment Business. Sadly, UVU offers no such degree and so I've been looking at new schools as well. As much as I enjoy Geology, I think I chose it for the wrong reasons. I want to do something that I'm truly passionate about, and thats music. So...we'll see what happens.
But yeah, we're just keeping our focus on New York right now. I have an entire road trip planned for the drive to Rochester and a bunch of activities for when we're there. Hopefully while we're there we'll make some good money, if not, then just being out of Utah is worth it for me.
OH YEAH! So Taylor and I are rarely able to have a date night (with schedules being so crazy and all) so when I won tickets to see one of my favorite bands Escape The Fate (also the band we saw on our first date) we got really excited. So I took a video at the show and it was AWESOME! The mosh pit covered the entire floor at one point and the guitarist had this incredible's hardcore with some if you're into that kind of stuff (cause I most certainly am) then take a look. ^_^