He Got Me...

What can I say? The man knows how to motivate me. Had he not said, "hopefully this will get her to write on here too", then I probably wouldn't have touched this thing till our kids graduated from high school. I'm terrible with things like this.
So far things are going really well. Things haven't been easy, not by a long shot, but we're working on it. Taylor and I have found a really good balance with each other. We're learning to be more comfortable with each other by sharing those insecurities that only our Father would know. It's helping us to build a deeper love and trust toward one another.
As Taylor had mentioned, we are very much enjoying our eternal marriage class. I think that has made it more real for me. So much of this engagement has been so surreal. To think that three years ago I was standing in an airport waving goodbye to the young man that would never know my true feelings for him. Never imagining that he would ever love me as I did him. But sitting in that classroom, listening to gospel doctrines on marriage with him, and planning the rules and foundation for OUR home made it all real.
We now have, gosh 29 days or so til we kneel at the alter and I couldn't be more excited. I enjoy the time that we spend together now. Looking at him with anticipation to be his wife. I know that it is just a taste of what is to come. To spend the rest of eternity with him and feel that spiritual bond between us will be a feeling that even I won't be able to explain.
Sorry it's not much of an update like Taylors was, I just felt impressed to share my feelings with Taylor and all of you.
We look forward to seeing all of you soon.

One month left... since Rikki hasn't been writing anything here like she said that she would...i guess i'll get everyone up to date.  I'm back in Provo now going to school at BYU...i'm living with my uncle until the wedding.  Rikki's going to school too at UVU, i don't think either of us is enjoying it a ton, but we're going.  

We finally got our invitations all printed up and they're mostly sent out at this point i believe.  Hopefully Rikki will put a picture of one up for those who don't get it.  Everything else is planned or in the final planning stages from what i understand...i haven't been incredibly involved in the whole process, but it seems to be going along well that way.

Rikki had her first bridal shower in Vegas this past weekend and it was really nice from what i've seen/heard.  She got some cool presents that should come in handy with the new apartment.  It had a movie theme and al the presents were based around a movie...she'd be able to fill everyone in a lot better on all of this, and i hope by writing this maybe it'll prompt her to write a little too.  

We've also started our Building an Eternal Marriage class at the UVU institute, and it's been really good.  We both really like our teacher, and he's provided a lot of cool insight into the stuff we talk about.  One thing i liked was our discussion on qualities that we want for our children's relationships with each other and how should want those same qualities for our own marriage.  I made me think a little bit about the time that i spent with my younger sisters and how much i cherish those times.

I'm excited for the future.