Harry Potter-The Update

As most of you know, I'm an incredible procrastinator (I'm expecting a PhD in the art). I was suppose to give a written account of my Harry Potter: The Exhibition trip months ago, but never did it. Looking back, it's best that I did it this way because now I can incorporate my experience of seeing the sixth installment of the film as well. Two birds, one stone.
As Taylor had said previously, we had made a Northward detour to Chicago specifically for the exhibition. The timing literally couldn't have been more perfect. The exhibit had opened just a few days prior to our arrival. I had planned (more like schemed) this trip for what seemed like months, trying to work out the details and such. It was only going to be an additional hour to our journey and seemed meant to be. want to hear more about the museum I'm sure.
I walked into the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry with a sense of awe. The building was huge and the displays were incredible. We get to the ticket desk and right there, close enough for me to jump right into the driver seat was a lovely blue Ford Anglia the same one from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
The tickets were a bit pricey, but I knew that it would be worth it (Taylor had yet to believe me). There was a massive escalator that took us up to the level where the exhibition entrance was housed. Once there we were lead through a pair of doors leading to an outside walkway. Apparently they had set up the exhibit in a tent. I was afraid that the my experience of Harrys' world was going to be destroyed via a white tarp. But as soon as the next set of doors were opened, all of my fears melted away and my dreams became a wonderful reality.
Through a set of double doors, the Hogwarts Express came into view. An elaborate display of videos were set to recreate the feeling of being on this magical train. Once we "stepped off" of the Hogwarts Express (more like we were led to the next room), we were taken to an area with just a stool, a witch, and a sorting hat. Imagine my excitement when I was picked to have the sorting hat placed upon my head. It was a no-brainer. I knew to which house I belonged. Powerful and cunning...SLYTHERIN!!! Taylor of course was sorted into Gryffindor (Dumbledore would be so proud of us, interhouse unity). Once sorted into our new houses, it was time to go to the common room. Obviously the only common room available to go to was Gryffindor (the dungeons are better!). We saw the fat lady, gave her the password, Mimbulus Mimbletonia, and walked through the portrait hole. They had all sorts of fun props and things from the movies. They even had the moving pictures that adorn the halls of my beloved Hogwarts. They had the howler that Ron gets from Mrs. Weasley in Chamber of Secrets. They set up the dormitories as well, so we got to see Harry and Rons four-poster beds. I really enjoyed seeing that especially when watching Half-Blood Prince, it's set up exactly like it is in the movie. Then we moved on to the potions classroom. We were able to see all of the ingredients that are used for the potions as well as the robes for my dear head of house, Professor Severus Snape. We also saw the office for Professor Lockhart, the sinister Professor Umbridge, the amazing Professor Lupin, and then headed out to the greenhouses for Herbology. There we got to actually pull Mandrakes from their pots. It was so much fun to see them squealing and they are oddly cute. Once we were done, we went over to the quidditch pitch. Quidditch is by far the coolest sport EVER! And as it turns out, I'm a natural, I scored seventy points from throwing the quaffle. Lovely workout. We saw Buckbeak, the outfits that Emma, Rupert, and Daniel wore for Prisoner of Azkaban. Then we walked around Hagrids hut. Hagrid is a BIG man.

If I didn't feel short before, I certainly did after I left his hut. I even got a picture of me sitting in his chair to prove how big he is.
I got to see the old and new quidditch uniforms. Another really cool experience while watching the new movie. They had Aragog, the Hungarian Horntail, and Firenze. Once we left the Forbidden Forest we left Hogwarts. Soon we were greeted with the wanted posters of Bellatrix LeStrange, Fenrir Greyback, and the Carrows. Scary blokes. We also saw the robes of Lord Voldemort (that's right, I'm not scared to say his name) and those eerie dementors. I only had to use the "Expecto Patronum" charm once, they learned not to mess with me.
Oh, I almost forgot, we also saw a petrified Colin Creevey (it felt like real flesh). Then we were escorted to the Great Hall for the Yule Ball. They had the all the outfits of the Triwizard competors plus dates and decorations from the fourth film. Plus the robes of the ORIGINAL Dumbledore. I got to see a rather naked Dobby, which was weird, but he's still cute. We even got a sneak peek of the products in the Weasleys Wizard Wheezes.
Overall, it was such a wicked cool experience. And now I can officially say that I attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a day.