Mini Vacations

Well, I guess since it looks like Rikki has given up on writing any blog posts, I'll guess I'll be filling one in. Over the last few weekends we've been able to do little mini vacations with family and friends. Over memorial day weekend we went up to Bountiful and spent it at quite a few different family gatherings. Before we could leave on Friday night however, we had to invest quite a bit into long overdue car repairs. We put on a new windshield, two new tires, flushed the transmission and changed the oil. Then while we were doing the safety check for the registration, the latch that holds the hood down broke and quit working completely, and they wouldn't pass it. So we just ended up riding up with my parents which was fine.

Saturday early afternoon we had my grandma's 75th birthday, and it was great to see all of my extended family. I ended up spending most of the time playing horse with my cousins. After the party, I made a quick trip to Lagoon with Sierra and Kiera, and Rikki went shopping with parents and grandparents. It ended up pouring rain the entire time we were at the park and we only ended up getting on a few rides. Still nice to spend time with my sisters.

Sunday we went to church early, and then headed up to my Uncle Steve's house for a celebration of all the Klemm May birthdays, and there are quite a few of them. The food was awesome as always, hamburgers and bbq chicken. So in the two days we got to see pretty much all of my extended family. The next morning, most of those same women got together for my cousin's baby shower. My dad and I were supposed to be having a nice golf outing, but when we woke up to snow we scrapped that and went to IHOP instead. Not as good as golf, but still quite nice.

The next weekend we headed down to Vegas for a friend's wedding. We got in late Thursday, and early Friday my dad and I finally got around to that golf. We played a course called Rio Secco, and it was without a doubt the nicest course that I've ever played. A lot of holes were built into the natural cliffs, and quite a few had gorgeous views overlooking the whole city. It was Really REALLY nice. That evening was the wedding, and it was quite nice too. Congrats again to Josh and Stephanie. It was awesome to see how happy the experience made him. Saturday we spent pretty much the whole day visiting old friends and with Rikki's family. Sunday was church early again, then a nice family dinner with both mine and Rikki's family. Then the long drive back.

(We've been listening to The Hunger Games audiobooks as we've been doing all this driving, and I have to say I'm convinced.)

Then finally this past weekend we were invited by our friend April to go up to her family's cabin at Mammoth Creek, up above Cedar City. It was quite seriously the nicest cabin I've ever seen. We spent the weekend riding ATVs, playing board games, and watching movies. We had nothing we had to do and no one we had to see, and we just had the whole weekend to relax. It was great, not to mention that the food was awesome. Hope we can go back again sometime, they were all awesome people.

Hopefully Rikki will update soon with all the projects that we've been working on around the house...painting and redoing the yard mostly.