He Beat Me To It...

He's amazing. When I read his post I started crying, mainly because I don't really believe I deserve his love. He's incredible in how he serves, pure in the way he loves, and selfless in how he gives. And then I look at myself and see that I could do so much more to be like him.
I heard in a BYU Womens Conference talk given by a sister (I can't remember her name) a saying that her and her husband would say to each other often. "Thee lift thee, and I'll lift thee, and together we will ascend." I want to have that as our theme for the wedding or at least have it made up and framed for our home. I think of that saying and am reminded of the plan that our Heavenly Father has for us. How he has provided us with wonderful and loving companions to help us reach our destination. I am so grateful to have found mine in such an incredible man. Taylor is more than I could have dreamed, which is why it's been so hard to believe that we're getting married. It's been so surreal and so remarkable at the same time. I've been thinking about the family we will have and the home that we want to create for them. I contemplate the kind of wife he deserves and how I will do my best to help support him in his role. I doubt that much of this makes sense to anyone other than myself (I'm not good with words). But I do know that I love Taylor and am so very grateful for him.
On another note, my roommate taught me how to make Oreo truffles. And she gave me the basics on how to make her famous raspberry cream cheese icing (it's to die for). So slowly but surely, I'm learning how to nurture and feed my future husband. I can now ensure that he won't die from malnutrition the first few months of our marriage. I just need to learn some more pot roast to extend his life expectancy. :)
And although Taylor has already made a brief mention of this, truly my sky was empty before he came. I look at Taylor as my sun, being the light that warms me and brightens my way.

First Post

So, even though Rikki created this whole blog and everything, i guess i will still get to be the first one to write in it. I guess i'm not entirely sure of everthing Rikki's going to put in here, I guess just wedding plans and engagement pictures and stuff from what i understand...

But since i'm writing first, i get to say how excited i am to be getting married to Rikki. She's known for a while that we're perfect for each other, but i'm apparently not as quick to percieve these things. But over the last 10 months, that conclusion dawned on me to. And especially in the time that i'm away from her is when i realize how much she really means to me, because i always long to be with her when i am. I've realized what an amazing person she is, and how much she cares about me. And when i came to the absolute conclusion that i couldn't live without her, i asked her to marry me. So here we are.

I'm pretty sure that she'll do most of the writing from here on out, but i might interject here and there.

Empty was my sky before her.