Wedding we actually got married.  That's still weird for me to think.  Everything went as perfectly as it could have gone i think.  

Friday at 2 we got married in the St. George temple.  Rikki and I were supposed to be there right at 1 to get all ready and things, so when 1:15 rolled around and Rikki still hadn't shown up, i was getting sorta stressed.  She showed up soon after that though, and it turned out not to be that big of a deal.  Everything went really smoothly and the temple session was amazing.  After that we took pictures for several hours, but it wasn't as bad as i thought it'd be.  After that we went to a country club that my parents had rented out where we had a big dinner for everyone who had come to the temple.  That was really nice...especally everyone standing up to tell everyone embarassing stories about us. 

The next day we were back down in vegas early for Rikki to get her hair done, meanwhile i watched byu barely scrape out a win over UNLV.   Then we went to the chapel for our ring ceremony/reception.  Both our families had spent quite a lot of time there getting everything set up, and it looked amazing.  The ring ceremony started, and Rick Stout, who was performing the ceremony, was obviously a little nervous.  He called me Ron the first few minutes, and by the end had soaked his tie with sweat that was visibly dripping from his shirt.  He really did a great job though.  We were really happy with it.  After that, we got to stand in line for a really long time giving hugs and handshakes.  I think by the end of that, we were both dead.  However, that's when we really had to start moving around.  Right after that, we cut the cake, had our first dance, danced with our parents, and took a bunch more pictures.  The whole night went by in an absolute blur.  Everything i remember was great though.  At the end of the night, we both got to play 4 square and Rock Band, both of which i had friends set up so we could play, but which we didn't have but 5 minutes to spend playing them.  But it was a blast.

All in all, i don't think anything could have gone better.  I personally am just glad that whole portion's's nice to be married.  No complaints thus far.

I love my wife.


4 days away...

Holy cow.